Always Have a “Reason-to--Call” When Doing Sales

  1. A major reason people think they dislike sales is because they don’t want to appear like a “pesky” salesperson. Instead, they want to be perceived as knowledgeable, helpful and self-assured. In fact, this is exactly the type of behavior sales-people should be demonstrating, which is aided by having a clear reason as to why you are following up with a potential client. Consider the following two examples of a sales-person following up:

    1. “Dear Sam, I haven’t heard back from your team in a while. Were you still interested in our products? Please let me know at your earliest convenience.”

    2. “Dear Sam, our team just finished updating the products spec sheet. There are only a few changes, but I thought I would send it in case your team was using it to evaluate our products. On that note, have there been any decisions made since we spoke last week? Please let me know if you have any questions.”

The first example is the “pesky” salesperson who, instead of providing value, simply adds another email to the client’s ever-growing list. The second example is the “reason” to follow-up approach, where the salesperson finds a way to add value to the exchange, thereby appearing helpful and collaborative. 

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