Golden Gateway Partners, LLC is a new business advisory services company specializing in developing productive relationships for clients across both sides of the Pacific.  Our Partners provide decades of business development experience in the healthcare, life sciences, and information technologies industries.  From Fortune 500 companies in the USA to trustworthy technology companies in Asia-Pacific, our Partners know how to get business done where others are unsuccessful.  We look forward to providing you with excellent service across the Pacific.

Matt Levy, M.B.A.

Managing Director

Matt Levy is a co-Founder and Managing Partner of Golden Gateway Partners.  As a result of nearly 20 years of experience in the life sciences industry having responsibility for international business development, Matt has a strong understanding on how to bridge various cultures to build a successful commercial organization. 

“As a company, we are highly focused on delivering revenue growth and pursuing new business for our clients in a way that is transparent, honest and reproducible for the long term.”

Matt’s career has been focused on the Asia Pacific region including Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore and Tokyo where he resided. Throughout his career, Matt has worked for multinational companies of all sizes including IBM, Applied Biosystems, Luminex and most recently, Affymetrix as the VP, Commercial Operations for Asia Pacific.

Matt completed his BS and MS from California State University, East Bay as well as a MBA from Carnegie Mellon University with concentrations in Strategy, Finance and Entrepreneurship.

Vivek Kumar

Country Manager, India

Vivek Kumar is goal-driven professional with more than 19 years of Sales and Marketing experience in the Healthcare and Life Sciences, with demonstrated ability to deliver superior, personalized client service, and cultivate strong business relationships.  Vivek manages business development for the company in Singapore, India and several countries in S.E. Asia.

“I am passionate about helping my clients to achieve the best results in the laboratory or the clinic. I work hard to ensure that my clients succeed with every new product that we introduce them to.

Vivek has excellent communication skills and broad business development experience from new business generation to front-end account management to general management of entire territories including the Middle East, Africa, and India. He worked with some of most trusted life science brand like GE Healthcare, Bio- Rad, Lonza and Affymetrix.  He is very passionate about the Life Sciences with a focus on enabling customers with the technologies to perform clinical genomics and other areas of advanced science and medicine.

Vivek holds an M.S. in Biotechnology and graduated with a specialization in Microbiology from Kurukshetra University, India.

Christopher Yoo, PhD

Managing Director

Chris Yoo is a co-Founder and Managing Partner of Golden Gateway Partners.  As a serial entrepreneur, Chris has started and successfully grown exciting new ventures at the intersection of technology and the healthcare and life sciences industries.  Over the past twenty years, Chris has provided leadership and proven execution capabilities to help accelerate the adoption of new systems and technologies by the medical research industry.  Additionally, Chris has held management positions at traditional life sciences companies such as Applied Biosystems and IBM, and held advisory roles with Cisco, Oracle, and various other entities that span the Healthcare and Life Sciences industries.

“Innovation is not about having a great new idea, it is about a game-changing way of implementing ideas. Great ideas fail all the time. Great innovations never do.”

Chris completed his postdoctoral training at U.C. Berkeley, received his Ph.D. from Yale University School of Medicine in Cell and Molecular Biology, and finished his undergraduate degree from the University of Pennsylvania with a dual major in History and Biology.

Ning Shen

Country Manager, China

Ning “Jerry” Shen brings 15 years experience of commercial management and marketing in the field of bioscience and medical diagnosis.  Jerry has extensive experience in the markets of bioscience and healthcare in China having worked with Bio-Rad, Merck Millipore, GE Heathcare and Affymetrix.  During that time, Jerry has been in charge of commercial management and market exploration. With a deep insight into this field and hard work, Jerry and his team achieved continued rapid sales growth.  In addition, Jerry has experience developing and carrying out commercial strategies, building and managing the sales network, and establishing relationships with KOLs.  He’s interested in promising technologies and business.  Jerry is a quick learner with vast experience and abilities and a desire to learn more about emerging markets.

“To be successful in China requires extensive negotiation, always being a step ahead of the competition and being willing to relentlessly see a project through to it’s conclusion. It’s a lot of fun!”

Jerry received his B.S. in Biochemical Engineering from Beijing Union University.

David Yalacki

Country Manager, Australia

David Yalacki is GGP’s Country Manager for Australia, where he manages sales and distribution for GGP’s partner companies. David also actively seeks out partnerships between Australian-based businesses and the U.S.  

“I’m passionate about life science technologies and medical devices that can make a real difference in patient’s lives. My philosophy in life and work is to be the change you want to see.”

David has a strong understanding of the sales process, how to manage an effective sales pipeline and holds a vision of bringing new life science technologies to market. 

David has a degree in Bioengineering from Rice University in Houston, Texas.

Yvette Ferreira

Program Manager

Yvette Ferreira is GGP’s marketing and strategic project manager, bringing over 15 years of healthcare and life sciences industry experience to the company.  As a former account executive with several Fortune 500 pharmaceutical companies, her domain expertise spans multiple disease specialties, including Neurology and Oncology.

“I enjoy the creative process of marketing new biotechnology products. Every product’s path to market is so unique and seeing these products succeed is very rewarding.”

Yvette previously worked at the path-breaking startup, MedTrust Online, the world’s first and largest online community of cancer doctors. Yvette was integral in identifying market development opportunities and working with strategic partners to help deliver early personalized medicine solutions for cancer patients. Most recently she was the marketing manager at Systems Imagination, working to bring AI to the healthcare and life sciences industry.

Yvette received her B.S. in Finance from Rutgers Business School.

Nikhilesh Desai

Country Manager

Nikhilesh is a pharmaceutical Industry professional with more than 15 years of work experience in drug discovery, development and commercialization. Expertise in strategizing, planning and executing complex projects in tight timelines. Nikhilesh manages business development for the company in 6 plus countries in South East Asia

“Living in Singapore has given me access to an excellent network of biotechnology companies and pharmaceutical development. There are really amazing growth opportunities all throughout South East Asia.”

Nikhilesh completed his Masters of Analytical Chemistry at the University of Texas, Austin and his Masters in Business Administration at the Institute of Technology and Management, Haryana, India. 

Thao Fisher

Program Manager

Thao Fisher is a Program Manager at GGP where she coordinates and organizes activities to support GGP’s clients, country managers, distributors, and the organization’s strategic direction as well as creating and managing long term goals.  Thao has worked at reputable global life sciences, medical devices and high tech companies in the Silicon Valley for over 20 years and is recognized for her passion and ability to drive collaboration across multiple functions.

“Success is not an accident or luck. It is a product of smart planning, teamwork and collaborative efforts on shared goals.”


Thao holds a B.S. in Human Development from the University of California, Davis.

Team Member

Country Manager - South Korea

Suho Park is a veteran in the life science and pharma industries and is currently serving as Country Manager for South Korea at GGP. At Thermo Fisher, he served as the Director of Business Development in South Korea managing key customers and distributors where he exceeded sales targets year after year. Prior to that, Suho built and, again, exceeded sales targets and expanded the channels for GSK and Oxford Immunotec Korea.

Suho brings a strong understanding of the local market, industry network and extensive experience and passion for entrepreneurship and growing sales.

” If you cannot fly then run. If you cannot run then walk. And if you cannot walk, then crawl. But whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward”

Suho holds a degree in Biotechnology from Yonsei  University, South Korea as well as an MBA from London Business School, UK. Suho is also tri-lingual with fluency in Korean, English and Chinese.

Thabata Caruzo

Country Manager, Brazil

Thabata Caruzo is a specialized and motivated professional with 12 years experience on molecular virology research and over 14 years experience working for multinational companies such as Becton Dickinson, Molecular Devices and Affymetrix, among others. She has worked in different roles through her career, from scientific support/product specialist to marketing analyst, technical sales specialist and sales and operation manager, for Brazil and Latin America.

Thabata has experience on business development in both research and clinical markets especially for molecular biology and genomics products and enjoys the challenge of building up business from scratch with technologies that can bring more efficiency and quality for clinical labs and researchers and in the end, more development and growth for the countries in the region and a better live for their citizens. She is passionate about working with different countries, culture and people; that is what make the challenge greater but also, more interesting and joyful to her.

“I believe that selling solutions to fulfill customers needs is the key for a successful business, but also, for a grateful and happy customer. When we understand the quality of the product we are working with and what it can bring to the table in terms of quality and efficiency, the sale itself is a natural consequence. Everyone looks for good products, but also, for people that understand their real needs and who are there to help them achieve great things! We deal with people and we should never forget that.”

Thabata holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biological Science and a PhD in Science (with an emphasis on Molecular Virology) issued by the University of São Paulo – USP (Brazil) and had concluded a Post-Doc, working as an Associated Researcher, also in Molecular Virology, at the Campinas State University – UNICAMP (Brazil).

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